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Compost Sales 


Wool Compost Double Strength

Peat free compost and soil conditioner. A strong, rich compost made from bracken and sheep's wool. Can be used throughout the garden to grow flowers, fruit, vegetables and trees when mixed.

Sheep's wool has a high level of nitrogen that works as a slow release fertiliser and has very good water retention. Bracken gives a high level of natural potash essential for fruiting and flowering. Also has a wide range of naturally occurring trace elements for good plant health.

Can be used in borders and in gardens with lighter soils to reduce the problems of drought.

Designed for the real gardener to mix with your own compost or soil.

Packed in 30 litre bags


Wool Compost

"Peat free potting compost". A wonderful potting compost made from bracken and sheep's wool with natural water retention and slow release nitrogen. Use to grow flowers, fruit, vegetables and trees. Totally PEAT FREE


Lakeland Gold - Clay breaker

• Requires up to 50% less water

• Delivers consistent results for gardeners

• Promotes healthier plants

• Easy to use with a beautiful texture & feel with no smell

• Sustainable, peat free and 100% reliable

• 100% natural


Bulb Compost

For encouraging strong, healthy bulbs that produce vibrant blooms year after year.

Use for Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer bulbs

Feeds for 2 years


Soil Association approved

See how others have been using our Bulb compost:


Wool Compost Ericaceous 

Peat free compost for acid loving plants – ready to use". This compost has been specially mixed to provide the right p.h. for acid loving plants eg. Azaleas, Camellia, Heathers, Pieris, Rhododendrons and Blueberries.

• Use in containers, hanging baskets and raised beds

• 50% less watering

• No need to feed

• Peat-free

• Soil Association approved

price list

These  discounted prices are applicable to all  clients who use loveagarden for landscaping and maintenance gardening services,

if you wish to purchase compost only then this will be at the RRP  as listed on Dalefoot website

Double strength 30l bag £10.00 each  RRP £11.99

Wool compost 30l bag £10.00 each RRP £10.99

Ericaceous compost 30l bag £10.00 each RRP £10.99

Lakeland Gold Clay breaker £9.00 each RRP  £10.99

Bulb compost £8.00 RRP £8.99

 Delivery charge applicable according to quantity and distance

For further information on Dalefoot products please view the website:


Bespoke woodland planters

all planted in Dalefoot compost 


upcycling the felled logs offers a natural plant container .  These bespoke planters are suitable for shady areas, a mix of fern, ivy and frost hardy cyclamens.    We can offer a plant mix according to your request, price on application 

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